My First Blog!

So, hi there! Firstly, let me introduce myself. My name is Kelly. I live in the UK, with my family near to Bristol and we have 2 boys.


This year, in May, we went to Disney World Florida for the first time with both boys.

I was a little bit anxious, and spent months preparing for the huge trip. 7 of us went in total; my family, sister, her boyfriend and my mum. Ages from 5 to 65!

I was anxious for the following reasons: queuing, the heat, the thunderstorms, the expense, travel, the list goes on, blah blah blah!!! Now, I have been to Disneyland California, Disney World Florida about 15 times and Disneyland Paris twice. I like to think of myself as a Disney pro!! But new to this year for me also to worry about was the Magic Bands, Fast Pass Plus, and the My Disney Experience app!!

I did not really understand how it all worked. So this end in the UK I book dinner reservations, character experiences and fast passes and it links it all up and takes my photos and lets me into my Hotel room, sorts my Dining Plan and charges my purchases? Well, it did just all that!! Absolutely unbelievable technology by Disney! They really know what they are doing!

I used to go years and years ago and I went at a time before fast passes or dinner reservations! But now Disney World is bigger and better than ever and will only ever continue to grow and get busier, Disney have put these systems in place to help us have a better time and most importantly, more time for fun!! And boy does it work! 

We hardly spent any time queuing thanks to the Magic Hours and the Magic Bands! Double dose of magic! wdw20181471725473_411707551896_dsnyRes-base_dsnyLoc-tmp

This year for the first time, I learnt how to organise my Disney trip from my own home, planning each day in advance. And from this experience I can highly recommend that you do just this before you go! And staying at a Resort gives you an advantage of booking even earlier! Had I have not, then there were rides we would not have got on like the mind-blowing Avatar Ride of Passage at Animal Kingdom and amazing dinners we would never have had like Tusker House at Animal Kingdom or T-Rex at Disney Springs. Book to avoid disappointment!

Back to being nervous about travelling with 2 little boys, aged 8 and 5 and doing back to back long hours at Disney World. Well, I had nothing to worry about! They did not once moan, flag or nap! They absolutely loved it all and have been changed forever! We are now officially a full family hooked on Disney and plan to return, when our purses allow (2020 is looking good!!)

So, this is a little thank you to the Techies at Disney for creating the app and the Magic Bands because without all that in place, we would all be in hot-diggity-trouble!!

And the only one good thing about returning home, was logging onto My Disney Experience and looking at all of my hundreds of photos and ride videos which I get to keep forever!! Winner!